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Preparing Digital Files
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Digital Files & Design

If you have a project in mind and don't know where to begin, we can help. Our experienced designers can work with you to create the perfect logo, brochure, letterhead, or other project using your ideas, or our own.

If you have a project already completed and saved to a disk or file, we can complete your job using the digital files provided by you or your agency.

We employ both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems for our digital design and prepress production. Please call to ensure we can help you out.

Submitting Digital Files
We can accept outside digital files to be printed by us. Please follow these guidelines to help expedite your project.

Acceptable Transport Media
Myers Printing Service can currently accept the following digital media for outside files:

Acceptable Software
We work in the following software programs:

  • Quark XPress 6.0 (Mac and PC [.qxp file extension])

  • Pagemaker 5, 6, 6.5, 7 (Mac and PC [.pm file extension])
  • Freehand 7, 8 (Mac)
  • Illustrator 8, 9, CS, CS2 (Mac and PC [.ai file extension])
  • CorelDraw 8 (Mac and PC , exported to .AI format only)
  • Photoshop 6, CS2 (Mac and PC )
  • InDesign 2.0, CS, CS2 (Mac and PC)
  • Adobe PDFs

 If you have something else that you've created your job in, please give us a call and we can hopefully tell you how best to save it for our purposes. Please be aware that many "low-end" desktop publishing programs available to the general public are unacceptable for professional offset printing, and it may be better in the long run for us to work with you from scratch on your job.

Guidelines for Digital Output

When you send your job to us  to be printed from your digital files, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Each job MUST be accompanied by a final composite printout in color or black and white (depending on the job). Multi-color jobs must be accompanied by black and white color separated printouts showing the color breaks. If you have problems getting your file to print out at your own computer, chances are we'll have the same problem. Please rectify any output issues at your end, or if we are required to work with your files to get a satisfactory result, charges will be made to your account for our time.

  • Be sure to include all the fonts used in your document. This includes fonts used in imported .eps files and logos. If using Type 1 PostScript fonts, be sure you have included both the printer font  and the screen font. Myers Printing Service will not substitute fonts unless given previous approval by the client.

  • Please confirm that all the required files are included with your job. This includes imported logos, artwork, clip art, backgrounds, etc.

  • A proof will be provided for your approval before going to film unless otherwise specified. Proofs must be approved or no further action will be taken.

  • Please take the time to download our Output Information Form and fill it out completely, bringing in with your job files and printouts.

Some Helpful Hints for Digital Document Creation

  • If available on your particular software, perform a "Collect for Output" function to gather up all the needed files for your job in one place.

  • Print out color separations at your end before bringing the job to us. This will tell you if you have the colors named properly or not. Many times a color will be named one thing in the art program, and something else in the Desktop Publishing program, resulting in two colors instead of one (i.e. Pantone 185 CV and Pantone 185 CVU). Also make sure your colors are set to print as spot colors, not process, unless of course your job is a process color job.

  • When importing graphics and pictures, please do any resizing and rotating in the original program, not in the Desktop Publishing program. If you have a picture you need to reduce from 6" across to 1" across in the final document, it's easier and quicker for us if you do that resizing in the program that created the file (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). Otherwise the time spent either hunting down this error, or the time our output devices spend pondering your handiwork, will be billed to you accordingly.

  • Please make sure that if your job is to be printed in process color, that any imported graphics and pictures are set to print as CMYK, and not RGB.

  • Convenient as they may be, we do not recommend the use of graphics and/or images taken from the World Wide Web. These are low resolution and will not reproduce well for quality offset printing.

  • If you use a digital camera to take pictures for your printed piece, please take the pictures at a high resolution (300 dpi) for best reproduction.

  • If sending the job via modem, we request that you compress the files before sending them, using either Stuffit for Macintosh, or as .zip files for PCs. This protects the date in transit. Please make sure we have the required hard copies of the file, which may be faxxed or mailed, or dropped off in person.

  • If you have ANY questions or problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 231-946-9135 or e-mail us, and hopefully we can help you out.

Myers Printing Service of Traverse City, Inc.